My Clean and Organized Refrigerator

Remember my dirty refrigerator from yesterday?  It’s gloriously cleaner and more organized today!  I started by taking everything out of the refrigerator:

Fridge Items

How’d all that get in there?

Then, I cleaned all the inner surfaces with cleaning wipes:

Empty Fridge

Shiny and bright!

Finally, I put everything back in, trying to keep likes with likes and cheeses with cheeses:

Clean Fridge

And for those of you playing along at home, here’s the solution to how many cheeses I had out yesterday:

Cheeses With Numbers


You’ll remember that I thought I had eight cheeses in plain view, but when I sat down and really looked at the picture, I realized I had 10 different cheeses in 11 different places.  Here’s the key…
1.  Port Townsend Creamery Red Alder
2.  Port Townsend Creamery New Moon
3.  Feta
4.  Whole Fat Mozzarella
5.  Steakhouse Onion Cheddar
6.  Sharp Cheddar
7.  Parmesan
8.  Dubliner Cheddar
9.  American
10.  More Sharp Cheddar
11.  Part-skim Mozzarella

I guess it’s time for some grilled cheese sandwiches?  Or maybe some homemade mac and cheese?  Either option sounds good to me!

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