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Just Add Lettuce!

Let me start by saying I am not affiliated with the product I’m about to discuss in any way.  I just love convenience products that help me create yummy meals without a lot of time!

Just Add Lettuce

I found “Just Add Lettuce” at Costco a few weeks back.  The product bills itself as the first “3-D” salad dressing, with provolone cheese, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, celery, and lots of other delicious stuff.  Basically, it’s an Italian vinaigrette-type salad dressing, with the salad extras mixed in ahead of time.  All you have to do is “add lettuce.”  Here’s a closer look at the jar contents:

Just Add Lettuce Jar Contents

I did try it with lettuce, and liked it, but decided to branch out for this post and make a tomato salad.  I used one, 16 ounce container of Trader Joe’s Baby Heirloom Tomatoes (cherry and grape-sized fruit), and half of the jar above (8 ounces).  Simply wash and dry the tomatoes, then add the Just Add Salad, and mix well.  The whole process took less than five minutes!  Love it!

Easy Tomato Salad

The only negative I could find with this product is that the sun-dried tomatoes contain sulfites, and the pepperocini contain sodium benzoate and sodium bisulfate.

Just Add Salad Nutritional Information

These three food additives should be avoided by people with sensitivity to them.  My family doesn’t have the sensitivity, and the amounts involved are small, so I don’t have a problem using this product.  However, I will soon be trying to replicate this product without those food additives for those of you who do have sensitivities, but want the convenience product…look for it in the next few weeks!